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About Our Hair

What is REMY hair?


We use only 100% All Human Remy Hair for our extensions. Remy means that each strand of hairs’ cuticle is all facing the same direction, the same as it grows naturally on our heads. Each donor has their hair braided or placed into a ponytail to keep all the hair together before it is cut. This keeps the hair all facing the same direction, a.k.a. Remy, keeps it together while it is being packaged and shipped, and is less prone to tangling than other types of hair on the market.

Where do you source your hair?

We only use 100% Grade AAAAA+ all natural Remy human hair. This is the highest-quality hair currently available anywhere in the world. The hair is sourced from women in India who willingly donate their hair as a religious activity. All of our hair comes from willing donors and the proceeds from the local sale of the hair goes to schools and orphanages in the area where the hair is sourced.

Why is your hair the best?

We use only the highest-quality, grade AAAAA+, non-acid bathed hair in our hair extensions. We don’t cut corners or skimp on quality at any point, as the majority of the hair on the market does. We’re committed to making sure that our customers and clients are 100% satisfied with our products. The hair is carefully collected to minimize tangling and matting. We gently treat it with high-quality gentle hair dyes and apply premium conditioners before shipping it to our customers. This ensures that the hair is soft and gorgeous upon arrival. Compare our PeekABoo’s to other companies you find selling online at dirt cheap pricing. Today many are using Grade >AAA hair that is acid-bathed, which causes hair to tangle easily after only a few washes. The hair within the extension is uneven and doesn’t retain shine or bounce. As the saying goes…You Get What You Pay For.

Are your hair extensions heavily processed?

We use only gentle, minimal processing for our tape in hair extensions. We do not acid-bath the hair, nor use harmful dyes or silicone coating. Our natural Remy hair extensions are gently dyed and carefully cared for before they reach our clients. This ensures that they maintain a natural, beautiful feel and appearance.

About Your Order

When will my order be shipped?

Items that we have in-stock will be shipped within 24 hours after receiving payment. Items ordered on Saturday or Sunday will be processed the following Monday.

For more information about shipping times/costs ect..please click here.

Emailed Receipt

After we have confirmed your order, we will send an email receipt to the email address you provide. If the receipt doesn’t show up in your inbox, check your spam folder. Sometimes email programs place product order emails in the spam folder.

Out of Stock Items

We do our best to keep our items in stock as often as possible. However, we may not have your item in stock when the order is placed. If this happens, we’ll ship you the part of your order that we have in stock when your order is placed. We will ship the other items to you when we receive them in stock at no extra shipping cost to you. We typically ship out of stock items in about 7-10 business days. Items that are ordered with next day delivery will be shipped the next day after they are back in stock.

Canceling Orders

Our automatic order system means that orders cannot be canceled after they have been placed. Orders canceled after being placed will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee, if it has not been shipped out yet. Once shipped out, orders cannot be canceled. We cannot refund shipping and handling charges. We refund balances directly to your credit card.

About Our Extensions

How do tape-in extensions work?

Tape-in extensions are the most seamless extensions out on the market today. Since they lie flat against your scalp, you cannot see them in your hair, nor feel them when lying down. They are quick and easy to put in by virtually anyone, and can be removed easily within just minutes. In most cases, tape in hair extensions usually last 6-8 weeks with proper daily care. The only reason to remove them at this point is due to hair regrowth or to recolor hair roots. Extensions that are properly cared for can provide weeks of comfortable, beautiful style!

Does it take a long time to apply the extensions?

Not at all! A full set of tape human hair extensions can be applied in about 30 minutes.

Will tape-in hair extensions damage my hair or scalp?

Properly applied tape in hair extensions, a.k.a skin weft extensions do not cause damage to the hair or scalp. They leave no glue or sticky residue behind if taken out properly. We have information about proper hair care and maintenance on our website.

Do I need to do anything special to care for my extensions?

Our website has lots of helpful tips for taking good care of hair extensions. We recommend shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free and avoiding chlorinated water.

Do I need to use special hair products?

Maintaining the moisture of your hair is the upmost important. Avoiding products containing alcohol is a good tip. We recommend products intended for dry hair and spray-in conditioners, spray-in oils, or heat protectors work really well.

What about dyeing/coloring my hair extensions?

We recommend purchasing the color of hair extension you want. However should you want to use a tinted conditioner, go for it. We recommend testing a small piece of hair with a color that is within two shades of the original color so you can get an idea of how it will turn out before tinting it more.

Can I style my hair extensions however I want?

Absolutely! You can style your hair extensions the same way as your own hair, whether it’s flat ironing, curling or applying hairspray. Treat it just as you would you treat your own hair.

Will people notice that I'm wearing extensions?

Our seamless tape hair extensions lie flat against the head and blend seamlessly with your own hair. Properly applied tape in extensions won’t be noticed by anyone. All that people will see is your new gorgeous hair!

I have thin hair, will tape-extensions work for me?

Tape-In hair extensions are a great choice for fine thin hair. They add volume, thickness, and a nice clean length. The best part is that no one can notice them in! For very thin hair on the crown, adding a little backcombing over the top of the weft is recommended.

What about swimming?

Swimming in pools and hot tubs is fine. If you’re swimming in salt water or chlorinated water, keep your hair up and try to avoid completely submerging in the water. If your hair is exposed to salt water or chlorinated water, wash it, apply conditioner, and a dry argan oil after swimming.

How do I pick a color?

Our unique ColorBlends have highlights & lowlights woven in already. This makes color matching a breeze since it is not a flat color. Match color from the mid-length to the ends of your hair, as this gives the best results. If your hair has multiple shades, we recommend choosing your predominant color to match.

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