Easy 1-2-3 Installation

Step 1: Section

Create a horizontal part (with a tail comb) about an 1 1/2″-2″ above the lowest part of the hairline of the neck and secure loose hair with a clip. Use comb to lift up a thin section of hair the length of the weft.

tape in hair extension installation
tape in extensions

Step 2: Stick

Remove tape backing off of hair extension, attach bottom of tape to tail comb, place weft underneath section at scalp and secure hair to weft. Lift off any stray hairs and secure with clip.

tape in hair extensions
remy tape in hair extensions

Step 3: Sandwich

Add 2nd weft at top of sectioned hair and secure to sandwich. Repeat on all hair extensions. See below for Remy hair extension placement recommendation.

remy hair extensions
tape in installation

Tape In Hair Extension Placement

To Add Length

We recommend using a minimum of 9 sandwiched wefts to ensure there are no hollow spots within the hair. Having at least 9 tape hair extension wefts will add beautiful length.

To Add Fullness/Body

We recommend using a minimum of 6 sandwiched wefts to ensure there is full coverage around the parimeter of the hair.  This works well to fill out your natural hair, but not recommended for length.

For Full Head

We recommend using about 12 sandwiched tape in extension wefts or less to give both length and fullness.  Your hair will feel thick, luxurious and Kardashian-like.

Hair Extension Length


See How Amazingly Natural

Your PeekABoo Tape In Hair Extensions look!


hair extensions installation


hair extensions

Easy 1-2-3 Removal

Step 1: Spray

Using a adhesive remover (we recommend LaceRelease by WalkerCo), spray each weft thoroughly, 2-3 wefts at a time. Wait a few minutes.

tape hair extensions

Step 2: Peel

Slowly start at the edges of the tape and peel apart. Tape should come off fairly easily. If the tape is sticky, respray as you peel ensuring you are getting the inside of the tape.

tape extension removal

Step 3: Remove

Once tape is off, if there is any adhesive left on hair, respray and peel until all off. Wash hair and tape in extensions after all wefts are out.

remy tape hair extension removal

Wash & Reuse

Peel off remaining adhesive, gently wash and air dry extensions. Extensions can be reused 2-3 times on average. We recommend Vapon LaceFX Roll 1/8″ tape to reapply.

tape in extensions